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Distribution Equipment

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Pneumatic distribution equipment makes connections and routes airflow in compressed-air systems. Aluminum tubing accessories help mount, cut, and modify aluminum tubing. Aluminum tubing fittings allow push-to-connect attachment of aluminum tubes. Barbed hose fittings have ridges that grip the interior of tubes to hold them in place. Hose ferrules seal the connection between hose and barbed hose fittings. Pneumatic tubing conveys compressed air and inert gas through a system. Push-on hose fittings make fast, easy connections. Quick-connect air couplings seal without crimping or clamps. Reusable hose fittings have threaded ends that screw into place and are often used to make repairs when hose ends are damaged. Short shank couplings connect low-pressure suction and discharge hose. Steam fittings are used with clamps in high-pressure steam applications. Universal couplings (Chicago couplings) require a simple turn of their head to connect air-compressor hose.

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