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Flush Valves & Retrofit Kits

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Flush valves and retrofit kits enable the powerful flush of tankless toilets, urinals, and service sinks. These flow-control devices handle pressurized water directly from a plumbing supply line for flushing high-traffic fixtures (more than 30 flushes per day) commonly found in public, commercial, and institutional restrooms. Flush valves (also called flushometers) are complete assemblies that connect to a water supply and the spud of a toilet, urinal, or sink. They house the mechanism that controls water flow through the valve along with the manual or automatic actuator that initiates the flush. They're used for new installations or replacing existing flush valves. Flush-valve retrofit kits include parts for converting an existing flushometer from manual to automatic operation. They're typically selected with a gallons-per-flush rating that matches the existing flushometer to help ensure proper clearing of the toilet bowl.