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Manually-Operated Ball Valves

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Manually-operated ball valves use a handle to start and stop the flow of compatible media within a system. The handle visually indicates whether the valve is open or closed, depending on its position relative to the valve body. General-purpose manual ball valves control the flow of compatible media in many commercial and industrial applications. Manual ball valves for potable water meet NSF/ANSI 61 (National Sanitation Foundation/American National Standards Institute) requirements for handling drinking water. Manual ball valves for chemicals have wetted components (e.g., valve body, ball, seal) for handling corrosive media of comparable chemical compatibility. Manual ball valves for natural gas and propane control natural gas and propane flow. Fire-safe manual-operated ball valves meet API (American Petroleum Industry) 607 requirements for use in applications and environments exposing the valve to fire and combustibles. Manual ball valves for food and beverage meet applicable NSF or 3-A requirements for handling food, personal care, or dairy products. Manual instrumentation ball valves are compact, rated for high-pressure applications, and suitable for control and measurement systems. Combination strainer ball valves filter system media particulates to protect against damage to downstream equipment.