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Bathroom Fixtures

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Bathroom fixtures include functional parts and components that enhance usability and improve restroom appearance. Bathroom grab bars attach to walls near toilets and showers to assist people when lowering and lifting themselves. Bathroom mirrors are fastened to walls in public restrooms or motels and offer a reflective surface for personal-care tasks. Changing stations and liners provide an elevated and hygienic surface for parents and caregivers to change and clean infants, toddlers, and adults. Bathroom hooks offer a space to hang clothes, towels, or other belongings in restrooms. Shower curtains, rods, and rings suspend curtains around showers for greater privacy and to keep water contained in the tub. Bathroom shelves and baskets hold personal items in restrooms. Towel bars and soap dishes keep items close at hand and allow them to dry when not in use. Shower chairs and seats provide a stable and secure area for people to sit and rest while bathing or taking a shower.