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Plastic & Rubber Tubing

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Plastic and rubber tubing covers a variety of synthetic and natural materials that are used for applications based on their formulations. PVC is a flexible multipurpose tubing. Polyurethane and natural gum rubber are highly abrasion resistant to withstand wear and tear. Polyethylene is lightweight and puncture resistant. Nylon offers high tensile strength for high-pressure use. Polypropylene resists cracking to prevent splits when handling hot liquids. EVA withstands low temperatures. PTFE combines resistance to chemicals and high temperatures. FEP, PFA, Santoprene, and Viton offer different chemical compatibilities to prevent degradation from specific acids, alkalis, and solvents. PEX is lightweight yet strong for plumbing lines. Silicone withstands high temperatures. Neoprene resists flames. EPDM is weather resistant for outdoor use. Buna N resists oil to prevent absorption and degradation from fuel. Latex tubing is stronger and more flexible than natural rubber.