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Suspended Tube & Pipe Hangers

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Tube and pipe hangers route and suspend runs of tube or pipe in plumbing, refrigeration, and mechanical applications. Loop hangers attach to threaded rods to hold stationary runs of tube or pipe. Split-ring hangers are close-fitting clamps that allow tube and pipe to hang near ceilings and walls. Hanger straps are versatile metal strapping that can be cut to the length needed. Suspended pipe rollers hold hanging pipe on a roller to allow systems to expand and contract due to temperature changes. Wire rope hangers loop around and hang from an overhead structure and create a sling to hold duct, pipe, or other equipment. Riser clamps support vertical runs of tube and pipe (risers) as they transition through floor levels in a building. Snap-on hangers are lightweight, one-piece units that twist onto a threaded rod and hold runs of copper tubing. Beam clamps mount to the flanged edge of a beam to fasten and hold a threaded rod. Hanging plates hold a threaded rod from overhead surfaces.