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Tube & Hose Fitting Clamps

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Tube and hose fitting clamps secure tube and hose connections in fluid and air transport systems to ensure a tight fit and prevent leaks. Worm gear clamps have a housed helical-threaded screw design for non-permanent clamping. Bolt-close clamps are non-permanent clamps that provide uniform pressure to withstand vibration. Crimp-on ear clamps are permanently installed with a crimping tool. Buckle-on clamps provide a permanent seal with a high clamping force for high vibration applications. Snap-on clamps are reusable clamps that engage interlocking teeth when the clamp is closed. Spring-tension clamps are reusable and expand and contract in response to temperature changes. Heat-shrink clamps install with a heat gun to conform to the shape of the hose assembly and accommodate misshapen connections.