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Pipe & Pipe Fittings

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Standard pipe and pipe fittings transfer materials such as air, water, gasoline, and chemicals from one place to another. Pipe fitting gaskets help seal two joined sections of pipe to prevent leaks. Bulkhead tank fittings connect pipes, valves, and spigots to tanks to form an inlet or outlet for fluids to flow freely for draining and filling. Rotating joints and unions connect a stationary pipe to a rotating component to allow uninterrupted flow of fluid, air, or steam. Pipe expansion joints are flexible unions that connect sections of pipe. Bolted pipe couplings join plain, unthreaded pipe ends without the need for welding or for special fittings. Pipe manifolds redistribute a main line of fluid, air, or gas into multiple branch lines. Pipe flange covers protect flange fittings from dust, moisture, and damage when not in use. Pipe fitting spray shields cover flanged joints to protect personnel from harmful fluids. Pipe nipple caddies organize and secure nipples for in an open tray for quick access.