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REELCRAFT Hose Reel Parts & Accessories

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Hose reel parts and accessories are used to repair or replace worn parts in existing hose reels. Bumper stops prevent the hose from slipping out of the hose guide and from retracting inside the hose reel. The hose reel latch pawl assemblies and latch springs are mounted on the guide arms of hose reels to keep hoses locked in place during use. Hose reel leader hoses provide the connection between the air or water service and the hose reel. Hose reels mounting and stacking brackets hold one or more hose reels in place on the floor, wall, column, ceiling, bench, or truck mount. Hose reel drive spring assemblies drive hose reel action and replace worn assemblies. Hose reel roller guide assemblies guide the hose coming in or out of the hose reel. Hose reel swivels turn on an axis with the motion of the hose reel.

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