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Multipurpose Quick-Connect Air Couplings

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Multipurpose quick-connect air couplings are used in industrial pneumatic applications to connect air tools and hoses to compressed air supplies. They have a body (socket or female end) and a plug (nipple or male end). These couplings are used with air, water, and chemicals. ARO couplings are used on pneumatic lines. Asian-style high-flow and global-style high-flow couplings provide faster dispensation of air or fluids. Bowes and Schrader couplings have retracting sleeves that prevent accidental disengagement. Industrial interchange couplings are the most common quick-connects, originally designed to meet MIL-C-4109. Lincoln couplings are known for their longer nipple (nose or stem). Thor couplings use a quarter-turn click connection, and spring retracting sleeve to secure the coupling without a safety pin. Tru-Flate automotive couplings are used in automotive applications. Universal interchange couplings accept multiple styles of couplings.