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Multipurpose Quick-Connect Air Couplings

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Multipurpose quick-connect air couplings are used in industrial pneumatic applications to connect air tools and hoses to compressed air supplies. Couplings (bodies and plugs) are used with air, water, and chemicals. High-flow couplings increase flow for greater tool efficiency, reduce pressure drop, and decrease air costs. ARO couplings are used on pneumatic lines. Asian-style high-flow and global-style high-flow couplings provide faster dispensation of air or fluids. Bowes and Schrader couplings have retracting sleeves to prevent accidental disengagement. Industrial interchange couplings are the most common quick-connects, originally designed to meet MIL-C-4109. Lincoln couplings are known for their longer nipple (nose or stem). Thor couplings use a quarter-turn click connection, and spring retracting sleeve to secure coupling without a safety pin. Tru-Flate automotive couplings are used in automotive applications. Universal interchange couplings accept multiple styles of couplings.