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Garden Hose Fittings

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Garden hose fittings are parts that connect garden hoses to a water source, accessory, or another hose. They attach to the ends of hoses for connecting to spigots, nozzles, sprinklers, hoses, and other accessories. They typically have a 3/4" thread on one end of the fitting and can be either male or female. These fittings are commonly used in garden hose assemblies to water lawns and plants in grounds maintenance and landscaping applications. Garden hose caps protect threads from damage and keep contaminants out of hoses when not in use. Garden hose washers create a positive seal that helps prevent leaks. Garden hose adapters and connecters provide secure links to hoses or accessories that have different thread types or sizes. Garden hose wyes allow multiple hose connections to a single water source. Garden hose repair fittings fix broken hoses or hose ends so they can still be used.