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Watering Equipment & Irrigation Systems

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Watering equipment and irrigation systems deliver water to hydrate lawns, trees, and gardens. Garden hose nozzles give handheld control of water pressure and spray from garden hoses. Lawn sprinklers attach to garden hoses and sit close to the ground for watering turf. Sprinkler heads and nozzles connect with irrigation lines to spray water from sprinkler systems. Sprinkler valves shut water on and off in irrigation systems. Automatic sprinkler systems dispense water at programmed times and provide uniform coverage for watering efficiency and convenience. Controllers, timers, and sensors manage the timing and duration of water flow in sprinkler and irrigation systems. Drip sprinkler systems disperse water through emitter tubing to hydrate at a controlled rate. Watering cans carry and sprinkle water to hydrate plants without having to drag out a hose.