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Shovels, Tampers, and Digging Tools

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Shovels, tampers, and digging tools can help to prepare ground for pouring foundations, running underground utilities, or setting posts. Shovels are used to move bulk material such as mulch and gravel, and they can also be used to dig holes and trenches for pouring foundations, installing drain tile, and anchoring fence posts. Post hole diggers create narrow holes for setting fenceposts. Post drivers pound the posts into the ground. Earth augers drill holes in hard soil for planting bulbs, installing flagpoles, or digging fencepost holes. Soil probes penetrate soil to locate buried pipe, hose, and tanks in utility and construction work. Vibratory plate compactors and handheld tampers pack down asphalt, gravel, and dirt in roadwork, construction, and utility applications.