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Tow-Behind Attachments

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Tow-behind attachments are pulled with a lawn and garden tractor, ATV, or other vehicle to perform specific lawn care tasks. Also known as pull-behind equipment, it connects to vehicles with a compatible hitch receiver. Dump carts and trailers have a flat bed to carry landscaping and lawn care materials and equipment. Drag harrows break up dirt mounds, scrape off weeds and brush, and smooth uneven terrain to prepare for seeding or laying sod. Lawn aerators punch holes into compacted turf so that air, water, and fertilizer can nourish grass at the roots to foster a thick, healthy, drought-resistant lawn. Lawn rollers pack loose soil, level new sod, flatten frost heaves and mole hills, and press seeds into the soil after planting. Lawn sweepers collect leaves, grass clippings, and debris for composting and disposal. Lawn dethatchers remove dry, matted turf (thatch) so that water and nutrients can pass into soil to nourish the grass.