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Outdoor Power Equipment

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Outdoor power equipment performs groundskeeping and landscaping tasks. Debris and leaf blowers clear away grass clippings, leaves, and litter. String trimmers, brush cutters, and edgers cut where lawn mowers are too large. Mowers, aerators, and power rakes cut grass and foster turf growth. Landscaping power heads and attachments provide a system to replace individual outdoor tools. Power brushes, litter and leaf vacuums, and chipper shredders clean up yard waste and debris for disposal, composting, or mulching. Chainsaws, pole saws, and log splitters remove overgrowth and cut logs to size. Hedge trimmers and pruners groom shrubs and bushes. Outdoor utility vehicles transport workers, equipment, and materials. Cultivators and tillers loosen packed soil to prepare for planting or pathways. Power concrete mixers, compactors, and finishing tools assist with concrete installation from mix to pour. Power earth augers bore holes for applications such as setting posts with power post drivers.