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Outdoor Hand Tools

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Outdoor hand tools perform various agricultural, landscaping, and groundskeeping tasks. Shovels, scoops, and garden trowels dig, lift, and transfer soil and other bulk material. Rakes comb their tines along surfaces to collect loose matter into piles, pull up debris, or spread materials across an area. Forks, hoes, and weed cutters tend soil, move material, and remove weeds. Axes, machetes, hooks, and wedges have sharp edges to cut wood, brush, and other growth. Digging bars, mattocks, and soil probes start holes in soil, loosen compacted earth, and perform surveying tasks. Hand tampers pack soil, sand, gravel, and other fill into a stable, level footing. Brush removal tools and log grapples uproot woody growth or move chunks of wood. Hookaroons strike their tip into the end of logs and boards to lift, carry, or drag them. Post hole diggers bore holes for setting posts with post drivers. Saws, knives, shears, and loppers trim back overgrowth and prune dead branches on trees and shrubs.