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Garden Fabrics, Erosion Control Blankets & Tree Care

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Garden fabrics, erosion control blankets, and tree care products keep garden beds tidy and protect soil, trees, and plants from damage. Erosion control blankets lay over freshly turned and newly seeded earth to stabilize soil and protect against washout, runoff, and scatter due to rain and heavy winds. Weed barrier and landscape fabric covers soil to kill weeds and allow desired plants to thrive. Tree watering bags and root feeders deliver hydration and nutrients to trees to promote growth. Tree grates encircle the foot of trees to protect against damage from foot traffic and prevent tripping over roots. Landscape edging defines borders along garden beds, trees, and paths. Plant protection fabric shields plants to prevent frost damage when temperatures drop below freezing. Tree wraps and protectors prevent damage to trees or safeguard damaged trees while they heal. Garden stakes and plant supports hold saplings and plants upright so they'll grow straight.