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Fencing sets boundaries and creates enclosures on agricultural fields, building grounds, recreational areas, and other outdoor spaces. Chicken wire is a flexible mesh for poultry netting, temporary fencing, and structural support. Silt fence retains sediment to control runoff at construction sites. Barbed wire has small spikes along its length to boost security on fence lines. Electric fence supplies set up a barrier that shocks upon contact. Smooth wire makes barbless fences, bundles materials, and hangs tools. Deer fence keeps deer away from plants and trees. Snow fence creates a windbreak to control drifts. Privacy and wind screens block prying eyes and gusts in outdoor areas. Fence stretching tools pull fencing wire taut for fastening to posts. T- and U-posts support wire and temporary plastic fencing. Chain link fencing consists of woven wire fabric, supports, and hardware to build a fence. Gate hardware provides parts to latch, open, and close gates.