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Axes, Machetes, Hooks & Wedges

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Axes, machetes, hooks, and wedges use their sharp edges to cut wood, brush, and other growth. Axes drive their wedged blade into wood to fell trees, remove branches, and split logs. Machetes use their long, broad blade to clear undergrowth, slice through stalks and stems, and remove twigs and small branches. Brush hooks and ditch bank blades have hooked blades that grab and slice through dense brush, vines, and undergrowth. Wedges split wood along its grain to create firewood or split large logs into smaller pieces.
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Non-Sparking Adzes

Non-Sparking Adzes
Non-sparking adzes contain no ferrous metals, so they resist creating sparks. This reduces the risk of ignition when making cuts in locations where combustible dust or flammable liquids, gas, or vapors are present. Adzes shave off layers of wood to plane, shape, and smooth beams, boards, and other large, wood surfaces. They also work as hoes to break up soil and remove weeds. Their blade edge sits horizontal to the handle, and angles into surfaces to scrape off layers with each swing of the adze.
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