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Crop, Nursery, and Landscaping

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Crop, nursery, and landscaping equipment is used in agricultural and groundskeeping applications. Debris loaders and accessories pick up grass clippings, leaves, mulch, plastic bottles, and more to keep outdoor areas tidy. Boom sprayer parts are used to apply fertilizer or pesticides to crops by hand or with an ATV, trailer, or skid. Plant-covering fabric protects garden and ornamental landscape plants from animals and harsh weather. Burlap is used for applications such as balling tree and shrub roots. Bird netting can be placed over fruit trees to keep birds from eating the fruit. Erosion-control blankets help keep soil in place. Garden stakes and plant supports protect plants from wind and allow them to grow straight. Landscape edging can differentiate areas and provide a transition between the various elements in the landscape, such as between grass and flower gardens. Personnel transport and utility vehicles help groundskeeping crews transport tools and materials.