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Oilers, Reservoirs and Sprayers

A wide range of oiler equipment, including oil cans, oil guns, and reservoirs, helps put the lube where it's needed to keep machines operating at peak efficiency. Choose from an array of lubricators at Grainger® that are designed for operations, maintenance, and repair applications from the plant to the garage to the basement and the field. Oil reservoirs can be the central dispenser for a range of lubrication systems and manual operations. Find electric, handheld, chain, drop feed, gravity feed, constant level, full-flow, and other styles. Select among closed system, and pipe threading oilers. Lever and pistol-grip oiler cans with long, narrow spouts help deliver oil manually, even to hard-to-reach places. Grainger offers tallow pots, sprayers, measuring containers, regulators, and other equipment you need for a lubrication application system.