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Motor Speed Controls

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Motor speed controls help control or regulate motor speed in a variety of applications such as fans, blowers, pumps, vibratory feeders, conveyors, and lighting and heating. AC speed controls are available for universal, shaded pole, and PSC 1-phase motors. DC speed controls provide wide range, speed control of permanent magnet or shunt-wound DC motors and gearmotors. Blower/motor controllers are used with direct drive blower motors. Stepper motor motion controllers are compact and suitable for both 2- and 5-phase systems. Stepper motor drives perform very slow rotations and high-precision positioning, and feature adjustable run/stop current and self-diagnosis test functions. Variable frequency drives help provide overload protection, prevent motor burnout, and eliminate nuisance tripping. Variable frequency drive accessories help protect operators, external electronics, and drives from overheating, plus guard against incidental contact with live electrical components.

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