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Motor Start Capacitors

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Motor start capacitors temporarily store an electrical charge to deliver extra torque (where torque is the measure of a rotational or twisting force) during motor startup. They exit the circuit once the motor reaches its operating speed, unlike run capacitors, which help maintain a motor's running performance. Motor capacitors are primarily distinguished by their capacitance value, which is measured in microfarads (mfd or µF). When replacing a start capacitor, it's important to match the microfarad rating, voltage, and dimensions to the original capacitor. Start capacitors work with motor designs designated as capacitor-start or capacitor-start/run, and they are typically used with motors that power fans, blowers, and pumps.


Universal Motor Start Capacitors

Universal Motor Start Capacitors

Universal motor start capacitors can be wired to a range of capacitance values, measured in microfarads (mfd or µF), reducing the need to maintain an assortment of capacitors with differing microfarad ratings. These capacitors are useful when working in the field.

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