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DAYTON Lift Trucks

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Lift trucks move and lift loads to stack them or place them on high surfaces in warehouses and other industrial areas. Forklifts allow extremely heavy items to be moved throughout a facility by trained operators. Stackers and platform lifts require less maintenance and can maneuver more easily in tight spaces than forklifts, and they don't require certification to operate. Stackers have forks that slide underneath or into openings on pallets, skids, and containers. Platform lift trucks have a platform that provides a stable, flat surface for smaller loads, bulk goods, or irregularly shaped items that are not stored on pallets or skids. Material lifts use telescoping masts to lift objects so they can be moved or positioned. High-lift pallet jacks and container tilters position containers at a comfortable height and angle that reduces bending and straining when accessing the containers' contents for loading, unloading, inspection, assembly, and maintenance tasks.

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