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Dollies & Movers

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Dollies and movers are wheeled devices that are placed under large or heavy loads to reduce effort when moving the loads across relatively flat ground. They don't require loads to be leaned back and balanced like hand trucks and are easier to operate than forklifts or pallet jacks. General purpose dollies can move items such as cartons and crates. Drum dollies have a support ring or platform that holds drums or overpacks. Cylinder dollies have a flat, solid platform that holds large cylinders of liquid. Pallet dollies have a flat surface for moving various types and sizes of pallets. Roll dollies and panel dollies support large rolls or sheets of material during transport. Desk and furniture dollies can move large pieces of furniture. Pry bar lever dollies raise one edge or corner on heavy machinery, crates, or pallets so that dollies or other equipment can slide underneath them. Machine skates and machinery and equipment movers can lift and move heavy equipment such as appliances, machinery, and safes.

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