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Casters install onto furniture, machinery, carts, or other equipment to allow them to roll, which reduces effort when moving the equipment. Swivel casters can rotate 360° to allow equipment to change directions while moving. Rigid casters roll in a straight line. Plate casters have a flat mounting plate that distributes loads and shock forces. Stem casters have a stem that installs into a hole, socket, or bracket on equipment surfaces where there is not enough room to attach a plate caster's mounting plate. Shock-absorbing casters have spring-loaded caster wheels that absorb shocks and vibration when they roll over obstacles or rough terrain. Bolt-hole casters can be attached to equipment with lag bolts or expanding stems, allowing the user to choose the mounting option that best suits the equipment. Side-mount casters have vertical mounting plates that attach to the sides of equipment that won't support a traditional plate, stem, or bolt-hole caster.