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Carts & Trucks

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Carts and trucks are wheeled vehicles used for moving items. Shelf and utility carts have open shelves for efficient loading and unloading. Stock trucks have enclosed shelves that keep items from falling off. Hand trucks let one person move large, heavy loads. Bulk container trucks and tilt trucks have large containers for moving and dumping bulky loads. Platform trucks have flat decks that support large, heavy items. Wagon trucks and trailers can pull or tow loads. Security trucks help prevent theft, tampering, or loss of items on the trucks. Panel, bar, pipe, and bucket trucks have arms or cradles that can hold long or bulky items. Organization and workstation carts keep items organized and ready for use. Office, furniture, and luggage carts are used to move items in office and hospitality settings. Medical carts hold medications and healthcare supplies in hospitals and similar settings. Retail carts hold items for store customers as they shop. Cylinder carts keep gas cylinders secure during transport.