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Transporting products move equipment and materials from one place to another. Carts and trucks have shelves or platforms so they can move items efficiently. Casters and wheels install onto equipment to allow it to roll. Conveyors create a path for loads to move along. Dollies and movers are positioned under large or heavy loads to reduce the physical effort it takes to move them. Hand trucks support boxes, crates, and other large items to allow one person to move them. Self-dumping hoppers hold parts, scrap, and trash. Forklifts are powered to move pallets and heavy loads. Lift trucks move and lift loads to stack or place them on high surfaces. Pallet jacks and container tilters slide underneath openings on pallets, skids, and containers, and use a hydraulic pump to lift the load. Walk-along tuggers allow workers to move heavy or bulky items using minimal physical exertion. Powered cargo carriers move heavy loads across warehouses and large campuses. Bicycles and tricycles transport people and supplies.