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Storage Containers

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Storage containers store, transport, and organize items. Bins have open tops and are ideal for part-picking applications. Totes, storage boxes, and trunks tend to hold larger items than bins or multiple items for medium to long-term storage. Bulk containers and accessories transport large quantities or heavy, large objects. Protective equipment cases have reinforced casing that protects from impact damage. Small parts compartmented boxes, systems, and frames keep small items sorted and accessible. Conveyor, assembly, and dryer trays are flat, plate-shaped containers that hold and carry objects. Storage pails and lids have thick walls to contain liquids, semi-solids, and solids. Liquid storage tanks and IBC totes have large tank capacities for bulk storage, transport, and dispensing into smaller containers. Metal cans and paint cans seal closed to retain the quality of water- and oil-based paint products.