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Totes, Storage Boxes & Trunks

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Totes, storage boxes, and trunks are sturdy containers for storing, shipping, and organizing products. Totes with snap-on lids are lightweight, box-shaped containers with detachable lids for carrying various items. Straight wall containers have sidewalls that are straight-up-and-down, and are compatible with cube-shaped packaging. Attached-lid totes cover and conceal contents. Stacking and nesting open-top totes and tubs have smooth, solid walls that enable them to stack and nest. Standard divider boxes have interior grooves that accommodate dividers to make custom-sized compartments within the box. ESD static-control storage and divider boxes store and transport sensitive electrical equipment. High-temperature process totes, tubs, and lids store and move hot parts and items after production. Storage trunks have large holding capacities and reinforced exteriors that protect contents.