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Shelving & Storage Racks

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Shelving and storage racks provide space for organizing and staging tools, supplies, and inventory in storage and work areas. Freestanding shelving allows for efficient use of vertical space without having to mount shelving to a wall. Wall-mount shelving keeps floors clear and provides storage above work areas. Pallet racks hold palletized loads or large containers. Cantilever racks hold long materials such as steel bars, tubing, and pipe. Dunnage racks raise loads off the ground to help protect them from damage if the ground floods, provide access to the floor under the racks for cleaning, and allow air circulation underneath loads on the racks. Individual stack racks stack vertically or horizontally to create a shelving system. Flow racks allow cartons and other flat-bottomed items to glide along the racks for efficient stocking and picking. Other shelving and storage racks hold specific items such as bars, pipes, panels, sheets, reels, spools, hose clamps, cylinders, and tires.