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Freestanding Metal Shelving & Shelf Racks

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Freestanding metal shelving and shelf racks stand on a floor and provide multiple shelf levels for organizing and staging tools, supplies, and inventory. They make efficient use of vertical space in warehouses, stock rooms, and other storage areas without having to mount shelving to a wall. Standard metal shelving assembles with hardware such as clips or bolts. Boltless metal shelving does not require hardware to assemble, so it is easier to assemble than standard shelving. Bulk racks have welded uprights that offer maximum support for heavy loads. Bin and compartmented shelving keeps loose items and bulk goods separated and organized. Cantilever metal shelving does not have front posts and offers more space per shelf than metal shelving with front posts. Welded metal shelving does not require assembly and is generally more stable than standard or boltless shelving. Roll-out metal shelving has slide-out shelves that allow unobstructed access to items on the shelves.