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Lifting, Pulling & Positioning

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Lifting, pulling, and positioning items attach to materials, equipment, and objects to secure and move them. Hoists and trolleys attach to cranes and beams to lift, transport, and position heavy loads. Cranes and festoon cable systems support and position hoists. Winches rotate cables and ropes to pull and secure heavy loads. Lift tables, turntables, and pallet positioners bring loads closer to workers and allow access from any angle. Box dumpers lift and dump containers to empty their contents into machinery, conveyors, and other applications. Drywall lifts hold and position drywall and panels to ready them for installation. Lifting and rigging hardware connect various types of components to move and secure loads. Chains connect with loads to rig, secure, and move them. Lifting slings secure loads to move and position them overhead. Rope and twine are cords made from natural or synthetic materials. Wire rope secures heavy loads to hoist, position, and tow them.