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Lift Tables, Turntables & Pallet Positioners

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Lift tables, turntables, and pallet positioners bring loads closer to workers to improve ergonomics and efficiency. Stationary lift tables remain in a fixed position to raise and lower heavy loads like equipment, materials, and containers to provide better access to the load. They are ideal for applications that don't move often. Mobile lift tables have casters that allow them to maneuver around sites. They raise and lower heavy loads to provide better access to loads. Pallet positioners keep the top of a pallet load at an ergonomic height for operators as they load and unload. Turntables and pallet carousels hold loads flat and rotate them 360° to provide access to all sides from any angle. Lift table and pallet positioner replacement parts replace worn and damaged components that operate lift tables and pallet positioners. Lift table and bellows and accessories enhance the protection, mobility, and functionality of lift tables and bellows.