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Strip Doors, Replacement Strips and Hardware

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Grainger's selection of strip curtains, doorway curtains and and replacement hardware reduce air loss at doorways, create a comfortable work environment and help cut energy costs. Most hanging strips create a thermal barrier that helps maintain a room's temperature. Cooler/freezer strip doors prevent cold air from escaping. Insect strip doors help keep out flying insects. Use at the back doors of restaurants, personnel doors at manufacturing locations and open air concession areas. Antistatic strip doors help reduce the buildup of static electricity created as people and objects pass through doorway. Ideal for cleanrooms, computer rooms and other areas susceptible to static shock. Truck/trailer strip doors help create a better air seal inside trucks and trailers. Strip door replacement hardware includes curve tracks, L-brackets, safety rings and mounting kits and hardware to help repair/replace strip doors. Get the strip curtains and doorway curtains you need at Grainger today.

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