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Help create simple, orderly tube runs and reduce clutter with plumbing manifolds and water manifolds from Grainger. They allow you to supply fixtures from a main line. Our selection of manifolds includes models that are ideal for use with air, water, and hydraulic oils. Some manifolds can be used for natural gas, gasoline, and certain PEX manifolds can be used with potable water. Manifolds with a 90° port orientation allow mounting in special applications. Barbed fitting manifolds are suitable for use with applications involving back room water line organizers. They feature a compact footprint and left/right/bottom inlet options. Are you looking for manifolds that allow quick installation? Choose push fit manifolds that require no clamps, glue, soldering, tools, or unions. You can even connect 2 manifolds for greater design flexibility. Shop Grainger for manifolds available in a variety of materials, inlets/outlets, inlet/outlet sizes, fitting types, and maximum pressures.