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Turning, Boring & Grooving

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Turning, boring, and grooving are machining operations that remove material from workpieces. The workpieces are rotated against a cutting tool to create features on the workpiece or to shape, size, and finish it. Boring bars (also known as internal turning tools) size, straighten, and finish the inside diameter of drilled or cast holes. Cut-off blades remove sections of material from the end of bar stock or workpieces. Grooving tools form channels on the end of a workpiece (face grooving) or in an existing bore (internal grooving). Internal threading tools add internal threads to drilled or cast holes in workpieces. Knurling tools have knurled wheels that create texture on workpiece surfaces. Lathe tools and single-point tool bits have cutting edges at one end for performing turning, boring, grooving, and threading tasks.

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