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Toolholding & Tooling Systems

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Toolholders and tooling systems attach cutting tools to machine tools. Boring heads and holders connect a boring tool to a milling machine, lathe, or turning machine. Collets hold small-diameter cutting tools or workpieces on a milling machine, lathe, or other machine tool. Drill chucks and accessories are used to install and remove drill bits from a drilling machine, milling machine, or lathe. Rotary toolholding products connect rotary cutting tools to compatible machine tools or provide storage for organizing toolholders. Shrink-fit machines and toolholders create a well-balanced, high-grip toolholder setup for high-speed, high-feed machining. Tapping heads and holders connect taps to drilling and milling machines to create threads in holes. Tool posts and tool post holders attach cutting tools to lathes or CNC lathes. Tool alignment gauges check the positioning of a toolholder within a machine spindle.