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Rotary Toolholding

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Rotary toolholding products connect rotary cutting tools to compatible machine tools or provide storage for organizing toolholders. Collet chucks and collet nuts mount small-diameter cutting tools or workpieces to milling machines, lathes, and other manual and CNC machine tools. Hydraulic chucks and adapters use hydraulic force to uniformly grip cutting tools in high-speed machining applications. Milling chucks and arbors connect milling tools to milling machines. Rotary broach holders and set-up plugs improve the accuracy of rotary broaches, which produce polygonal shapes in holes. Rotary toolholder storage, hardware, and accessories keep toolholders organized and protected, ease assembly of tools to toolholders, and ensure proper seating of toolholders in a machine. Taper-shank toolholders and reducing adapters fit into tapered machine spindles, driving sleeves, and sockets to attach cutting tools to a machine.