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WESTCOTT Digital & Mechanical Protractors

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Digital and mechanical protractors measure angles, inches, and bevels. Mechanical versions can be read manually with a vernier scale. Digital versions show measurements on a LCD display. Miter protractors are mechanical with two arms or wings that extend from a central hub that is graduated with angles and fractions of angles. A central dial points to the reading as the two arms are aligned with the surfaces being measured. Miter protractors can also transfer angle readings directly to a miter saw. Bevel protractors are used to check angles on machines or parts with a high degree of accuracy. They have a beam or base that is stationary and an adjustable arm or blade that rotates 360° with a locking mechanism that keeps measurements in place. Digital protractors and angle finders show readings on a LCD display. Protractors are commonly used in carpentry, molding, metalworking, plumbing, and general MRO applications.

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