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Micrometers, Depth Gauges & Accessories

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Outside micrometers take highly precise readings of outside dimensions. Inside micrometers use rods, jaws, or retractable contact points to take highly precise measurements of inside diameters and measurements. Depth micrometers perform highly precise readings of the depth of bores and other features. Depth gauges use rods or blades similar to a caliper to perform quick, accurate depth measurements as an alternative to a depth micrometer. Specialty micrometers are built with a specialized jaw, anvil, or spindle design, size, shape, or orientation. They are used for specific applications like measuring sheet metal, can-seam thickness, grooves, or thread sizes. They can also be used to make Go/No-Go determinations. Laser scan and bench micrometers are positioned on a bench for hands-free highly precise measurements. Micrometer heads mount to a machine or tool and are used for accurate and repeatable positioning applications.