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M.A. FORD High-Performance Roughing/Finishing Coated Carbide Corner-Radius End Mills

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High-performance carbide corner-radius end mills are designed to last longer and create a finer finish when used in their recommended, first-choice materials than general purpose end mills. They are used in production milling. Roughing/finishing end mills remove large amounts of material and create a smooth finish on the workpiece at the same time. These end mills have a coating that protects them from wear. Carbide corner-radius end mills provide excellent wear resistance and heat resistance, and they are harder than high-speed steel, cobalt, or powdered-metal corner-radius end mills. Sometimes called bull-nose end mills, corner-radius end mills have a square nose with slightly rounded corners that help distribute cutting forces evenly to prevent damage to the end mill and extend its life. They are rotated against a workpiece to create a flat-bottomed groove with slightly rounded inside corners in milling applications that require a specific radius.

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