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Drill Bushings

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Drill bushings (also known as jig bushings) install in a drilling jig to guide, position, and support drill bits, reamers, countersinks, and counterbores to ensure accurate and repeatable hole placement in metalworking tasks. Drill bushings keep the cutting tool from wandering or bending as it enters the workpiece, maximize chip clearance, and minimize the risk of marring the workpiece or the jig. Press-fit bushings are permanently pressed into a jig. Slip-fixed renewable bushings can be changed between tasks and are ideal for applications where bushings are expected to wear out before the job is done. Headless bushings can be installed close together. Headed bushings have an overhang, or head, that prevents them from being pushed through the jig and are well suited for applications where loads or vibration could cause the bushing to move. Liner drill bushings are installed in a jig to hold renewable bushings in place and ease replacement of worn or damaged bushings.