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Machine Clamping

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Machine clamping products position and hold workpieces on machine worktables or workstations for machining, woodworking, and assembly. Fixturing clamps have a low-profile clamp block that exerts high clamping force while leaving most of the workpiece exposed. Hold-down clamps have a lever handle for engaging and releasing their clamping head. Plier clamps are portable machine clamps that can be used where fasteners or permanently mounted clamps are impractical or unnecessary. Pneumatic swing and toggle clamps use compressed air rather than mechanical force to apply clamping pressure. Straight-line clamps apply clamping force from the side to secure workpieces in applications where space is tight. Machine clamping kits include multiple clamps and various hardware, tools, and accessories for setting up and maintaining the clamps. Machine clamp parts and accessories include parts for maintaining clamps and attachments for adapting the clamp to specific applications.