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Oils inhibit heat, reduce friction, and prevent wear on moving parts. These liquid lubricants flow through closed systems which allows them to be used at higher speeds than grease. Oils repel water, prevent corrosion, and flow freely into hard-to-reach areas to keep machinery operating smoothly. Hydraulic oils circulate through pressurized systems to lubricate and transmit power. Food-grade oils lubricate machine parts and equipment in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical production facilities. Circulating oils provide a continuous, reusable supply of lubrication to gears, and bearings. Gear oils lubricate, cool, and protect gear teeth that slide and roll together under high pressures and speeds. Machine oils lubricate moving or threaded parts in a variety of machines and equipment. Divider oils lubricate food processing equipment and provide a releasing agent to prevent residual food from sticking to equipment.