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Grease Guns

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Grease guns apply grease directly in locations where a permanent lubrication system is not practical such as on automobiles, farm equipment, aircraft, and wind turbines. Manual grease guns are lightweight and portable for dispensing grease with a simple, hand-powered operation in low-volume, low pressure applications. Battery-powered grease guns, also called cordless grease guns, can be maneuvered freely around confined, elevated, or remote areas without the need for a wired power source. Air-operated grease guns, also called pneumatic grease guns, use compressed air to deliver a consistent flow of lubricant in high-volume applications. Electric corded grease guns plug into an available outlet to provide a steady supply of grease, eliminating the need to pack multiple batteries in high-volume applications where carrying heavy equipment is not practical. Hoses, pipes, and barrels replace worn components on grease guns. Couplers and dispensing tips attach to the end of a grease gun's nozzle, hose, or pipe and provide the connection point to a grease fitting (zerk fitting) on equipment.