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Grease lubricates moving parts, inhibits heat, and seals out contaminants in equipment and machinery. Unlike oils, grease is a tacky, thick lubricant that does not flow through systems but stays in place without leaking or squeezing out due to gravity, centrifugal force, or pressure. Multipurpose grease lubricates a variety of equipment without the need for a specialized grease. Food-grade grease lubricates machine parts and equipment in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical production facilities. Bearing grease lubricates the balls, rollers, and cylindrical-shaped elements that move together to support and align rotating parts. O-ring grease lubricates, seals, and conditions O-rings in valve system components to ensure a seal and protect the system against moisture, heat, and oxidation. Open gear grease is a thick paste-type lubricant designed to stay in place on exposed, slow-moving gears and bearings. Plumbing grease reduces stiffness and squeaking in faucets and extends the life of moving parts.