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Task & Jobsite Lighting

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Task and jobsite lighting offers temporary illumination to brighten unlit spaces and supplement general lighting for construction, assembly, maintenance, and other work. Hand lamps spread light over a wide area when hung by their hook or magnet, or they direct light like a flashlight when held by hand. Jobsite lights cast light into workspaces for focused illumination. 360-degree jobsite lights distribute a full circle of light across a workspace. Remote area lights supply floodlighting at emergency scenes, construction sites, sporting events, and other outlying locations. Hanging and string lights deliver light from above for short-term or semi-permanent general or task lighting. Dock lights shine light into trailers and onto loading docks or staging areas. Workstation task lights focus light onto work surfaces. Magnifier lights provide bright, up-close views of small parts and objects. Machine tool lights mount in, on, or near machines to brighten obscured areas.