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Disinfecting & Sanitizing UV Lights

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Disinfecting and sanitizing lights produce UV-A or UV-C rays to decontaminate surfaces or air. They supplement other cleaning methods to reduce pathogen exposure and help limit the spread of infections. Also called germicidal lights, they target specific pathogens (e.g., viruses or bacteria) depending on the UV band they emit. Disinfection light fixtures install permanently to decontaminate a fixed space. Portable disinfection lights allow decontamination in different parts of a building. Sanitizing chambers emit UV light within their enclosure to decontaminate small objects. Germicidal light bulbs install in HVAC or filtration systems to purify air, surfaces, and water. UV ballasts fit compatible fixtures to protect UV light bulbs from power fluctuations. Caution: UV-C light can harm skin and eyes. Lights must be used as directed to avoid injuries. The UV band and the placement of lights within a space determine whether lights can run in occupied or unoccupied spaces.